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Mindful living, freedom from stress

“Sheila has helped me change the way I think… I am much calmer now”.

Hey there, I’m Sheila Bayliss – a Mindful Living coach with a deep commitment to helping people discover new possibilities in life. Over the years I’ve taught mindfulness and self-kindness to hundreds of people.

Currently I provide 1-to-1 support via my online Mindfulness Coaching Programmes. I’m not running group workshops or classes at the moment – but you can find videos and other resources on this site.

“The most useful thing I’ve read all year”

Resources I Share:

Blogs (see categories at the bottom) To receive new blogs by email, use the ‘Follow’ button at the bottom right.

Videos with tips for mindful living are available on my YouTube channel.

Meditations to support your home practice.

Coaching Programmes – online 1-to-1 sessions.

Other places to find me…

I’ve written a number of in-depth pieces for Everyday Mindfulness.

I’ve also blogged a little bit about sustainable living at greenerlivingnow, and about home education at

My new blog posts are auto-shared on Twitter (but I don’t monitor messages there).

Who Am I?

“Inspiring to listen to, really welcoming, calm and encouraging”

I’m a qualified coach, and also a trained mindfulness teacher. During a number of years of teaching classes and workshops, I have worked with groups of all sizes, sharing how to use mindfulness and self-kindness to improve wellbeing. I’ve been relying on these skills in my personal practice for over 12 years, and I don’t know where I’d be without them.

Personally, since I discovered the practices of mindfulness and self-kindness, I’ve recovered from struggles with anxiety, perfectionism, and the depleting pursuit of achievement. These days I’m more interested in how a happy and mindful life can be one of ‘just enough‘. I’m also passionate about building emotional confidence, and the freedom we can discover beyond the conditioning that keeps us trapped in limiting patterns. I say a bit more about this in the Mindful Living page.

You can find out more about my personal journey, my qualifications, and my approach at the About page.

I hope you enjoy exploring these offerings. With much kindness,


“Clear, friendly and professional… really enjoyed her calm and open attitude, and honesty of her experience”