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The Meditation Quickie

I know, I’m always banging on about slowing down. And yet, life can sometimes be unavoidably busy.

Trying to squeeze in longer meditations during those times might not be the kindest way to treat ourselves, or very realistic.

When life gets busy, mindfulness practice can suffer. I find those are the times I most benefit from a meditation quickie.

During those hectic times, it seems to help me more to pause for a few minutes a couple of times a day (or more) than to ‘save it all up’ for a long meditation that I’ll probably be too knackered to do come the evening. Those punctuations help keep me on an even keel.

Short meditations are a good way to keep your practice going when your usual routine isn’t possible. They help you not to fall off the wagon completely, so it’s easier to get back to your usual practice when things settle down.  Mini meditations can also be a good way to ease yourself back in after a lapse.

Here’s a collection of recordings you can use as a resource – most are 5 minutes or less. Just click the play arrow to listen.

BEFORE LISTENING to these recordings, please read the guidance note at the bottom of this page (or at the top of the main meditations page).

Relax Into The Moment (4 mins) – take a pause and contact mindfulness.

5-Sense Check-In (5 mins) – drop into Being in the body.

Allowing Your Experience (4 mins) – a brief practice for turning towards your experience with acceptance and kindness.

Being With Possibility (5 mins) – exploring habitual responses and opening to the possibility of change.

Body Check-In (5 mins) – reconnect with embodied awareness.

5-minute Breathing Space – slightly longer than a standard breathing space, a short meditation to help re-establish mindful awareness.

Contacting Energy (5 mins) – noticing the quality of our energy, especially if it’s based in wanting or striving.

Finding The Positive (5 mins) – taking in what feels good about the present moment.

For more meditation resources, visit the main meditations page.

For individual support with learning to meditate (or going deeper), see the Mindfulness Coaching page.

You can also find related blogs on this site under the ‘meditation‘ category.

IMPORTANT GUIDANCE NOTE:  These practices are devised to support stress reduction, but are not intended to address debilitating mental health conditions or severe emotional distress.  Do not listen to these recordings when driving, or when concentration on another task is important for safety. I don’t recommend listening to meditations using headphones, unless they are designed for that purpose – which these are not. For more info about suitability, see the About page.

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