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Surrendering To Flow

The second in a series of short reflections on the elements as part of an embodied mindfulness practice.

The previous post in this series is Supported By The Earth.

What does Water element bring to my practice?

Water energy gathers me into the wisdom of Flow.

This simple truth is that nothing in life is fixed or permanent. My thoughts, emotions and body sensations are all forms of energy, constantly flowing through.

The uncomfortable feelings are never here forever. When I surrender to that flow, I can let go of trying to fix or avoid.

I can allow.

I can trust.

I can discover that on the other side of strong energy is deep peace. I just have to stop fighting that cycle, and rest in its flow.

Imagination opens a gateway to that shift. When I connect with Water (as an image, or a feeling), there’s a welcome release. The resistance gets washed away. I’m calmer, softer, and more open to whatever feelings need to be felt as they pass through.

I can surrender thoughts too, offer them up to the flow that carries them away. This poem is sometimes how I experience that freedom.

Next time, I’ll post a reflection on the Fire element. If you want to get new posts in your inbox, use the Follow button below.

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