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A Day Of Self-Kindness

I awake feeling under the weather. Today is not the day for pushing myself, or ignoring my needs.

I start the day extra-slow, permission to go easy on myself. My chosen practice is self-kindness, so it doesn’t have to look like my usual morning meditation.

Instead, it looks like asking myself ‘what don’t I have to do today?’. And remembering ‘what feels good, when I feel bad?’

A mug of tea made with extra care. A comfy chair that lets me curl into it, safe and reassured. Wrapped in a favourite jumper, I wonder ‘what do I feel like I could do today?’

I pick the jobs I like; the rest can wait for now. My day is kind of upside down, because I’m following my needs, not my ‘shoulds’.

When I burn lunch, I’m quick to forgive myself; everyone has off days.

The gentle pace makes space for a burst of creativity, too enjoyable to call it productivity.

And then I feel like doing Nothing. So I do. A lying-down meditation, made cosy with cushions. Supported by the floor, I slide into a restorative nap.

Emerging from this self-kindness sabbatical, my capacity to cope returns. The energy of fragility has passed through – allowed for, not pushed away.

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