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Moments of Delight

Finding delight in the everyday is a radical act.

The more I practice it, the less I am swayed by the story of ‘more, bigger, better’, the belief that happiness is just over there somewhere.

In finding delight, here, in small moments, I break free from the trap of seeking ‘big’ rewards.

Urban nature, I find, proves a reliable source. It doesn’t care that for many years, I didn’t pay it full attention or respect; always wild, all around us, it offers up these little treasures.

Small moments like…

raindrops sparkling on a deep green leaf…

heavy red berries, ready to gather…

the surprise of woodpecker, tapping in the trees…

blackbird’s song from his chimney-pot perch…

the bright bead of ladybird resting in the sun…

When I look for them, I find these moments of delight.

Or rather, they find me.

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