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5 mindful living practices (meditation not required)

Life-as-practice is inviting me again, reminding me not to separate meditation from living.

By committing to daily(-ish) practices like these…

Sitting outside

The practice that grounds me, held by the garden bench, mug of tea in hand. In winter, I’m welcomed by blackbird’s song, in summer by the humming of the bees.

Silence inside

The practice that refreshes me, a break from the human noise of the internet. The sounds in my kitchen are those of water and fire, or the birds, again, through the window. There, my thoughts slow, and I settle inside my own skin.

Walking with nature

The practice that lifts me, up and out of stagnation, and into connection with the elements, with non-human beings, and sometimes with the moon and stars.

Real-food cooking

The practice that nourishes me and my loved ones. It calls me back to living slowly, to honouring the time and space that home cooking asks of me. The rewards are worth it: for me, a connected relationship with food is a cornerstone of living a mindful life.

Creative writing practice

The practice that expands me, drawing me deeper into curiosity, close attention and letting go. A private space where I let myself play, and the magical is made possible.

These practices don’t demand force, or any need to sit stock-still, to make something happen, or to improve myself. They support me as I grow, into the place I already occupy, part of the great big whole.

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