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Opening Up Your Practice

This month, I’m sharing my reflection as a video rather than a blog. You can join me for a virtual tea-break in this video, as I recorded it while I was having a cuppa ☕️

If you sometimes find that meditation feels like hard work, you might be experiencing the ‘narrowing’ that I talk about in the video – click below to watch, and find out how I keep my own practice balanced with a sense of expansiveness. There are links to the resources I mention in the video at the bottom of this post.

One other way to open up our practice – that I didn’t mention in the video – is to incorporate some imaginative elements. I think I will be doing some future posts or videos about imaginative practice, as it’s a very rich area! If you’d like to get new posts in your inbox, you can ‘follow’ this website (find the Follow button at the bottom right corner of the page – you may have to scroll & hover to get it to appear, then click directly on the ‘Follow’ part of the button if you don’t want to set up a wordpress account).

Here are links to the resources I mentioned in the video:

Opening To Life videos‘ can be found on at this playlist on my Youtube channel.

Meditations for ‘broad awareness‘ – you can find a couple of options under the ‘Greater Awareness’ category in this post Which Meditation Should I Do?

Last month’s blogEmbracing complexity, opening to mystery

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