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Remembering the light (at winter solstice)

This month I’m sharing an audio post – it’s a bit of an experiment, and I may do some more in the future. The theme this time is on ways to remember the light in the darkness of winter. I touch on a bit of magic and mythology too!

One approach that really helps me to navigate the darkness that is part of life is to put my attention and energy into that which brings me joy – but as I explain in the audio reflection, this doesn’t mean ignoring aspects of experience that are uncomfortable or challenging.

I’ve also included a recording to give you an idea how to incorporate imaginative practice into your meditation – in this case, connecting with the qualities of sunlight.

Before listening, please note – these recordings are not designed to be listened to using headphones/earbuds – they are ‘recorded live’, and as such are a bit rough-and-ready (I recorded my own morning practice so I’m fairly quiet in the meditation). Please do not listen while driving or engaged in any task that requires your full attention. As with all my offerings, the meditation is not intented to support severe emotional distress (see About for further info).

‘Remembering the Light’ audio reflection:

‘Imagining the Light’ guided meditation:

Links to things I mentioned in the audio reflection:

Poem – ‘What To Do In The Darkness’ by Marilyn McEntyre.

Positive resources – my blogs include When the lights go out and Balancing your energy. My coaching programme called ‘Being Embodied’ also includes some focus on positive resources. For another self-kindness meditation using the image of the sun – here’s a recording led by one of my mentors Gary Hennessey/Ratnaguna, as part of the Breathworks resources.

Imaginative Mindfulness – my page What is Imaginative Mindfulness? includes links to relevant resources.

Marsilio Ficino – I found the translation I mentioned via online resources from the Centre for Myth Cosmology and the Sacred.

Photos are courtesy of my son, captured on one of our own winter walks to take in a bit of daylight.

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