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Air as an ally of connection

There’s something enchanting about the scent of the spring air. The waft of hyacinth fragrance, the impalpable sense of new possibility.

In cultivating a relationship with the elements, Air always felt like the most mysterious to me, the most impossible to pin down in any worldly way.

And then, when I went through a significant initiation a couple of years ago, Air made itself available to me as a very concrete ally. At that time I was dealing with an acute level of stress and feeling particularly isolated in that experience.

Until Air stepped forward as an agent of connection, a presence that is always available – just by opening a window, just by walking in the wind, just by breathing. My alone-ness was reduced as my connection to the whole was restored.

To this day, I open a window whenever I’m meditating indoors. And in my imaginative practice, Air is always willing to help me release energy that is not mine to hold, to take it where it needs to go.

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