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About Me

Hey, I’m Sheila… welcome to my personal blog.

My students often tell me that they know I don’t just teach mindfulness, I live it.  I know what they mean… the more I’ve come to rely on my practice, the more it seeps into all of my life – time with my husband and our young son, my work and my friends, nothing is left out.  To me, this is mindful living.  It doesn’t mean I’m perfect – far from it!

It doesn’t even mean that I’m always mindful.  I have my lapses, I’m human.  I would even say that mindfulness is largely about becoming fully human.  This practice doesn’t take away life’s challenges, but it does help me to meet them with courage and kindness.

My hope is for this site to be a place where I can share some snapshots of mindful living, as truthfully as I can – for inspiration, encouragement and reassurance.  Because it’s hard being human. But, with mindfulness, it’s also pretty amazing.

You can read more about my personal story on my other site – you can head over there for free mindful living resources.