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Mindfulness Coaching with Sheila

Hey, I’m Sheila. Welcome to this space where I share resources for mindful living and self-kindness. The wellbeing practices that I share are all ones that have supported me personally, aswell as seeing the positive impact on those who attend my classes and workshops.

“Mindfulness has helped my anxiety levels, I sleep better & found the sessions with Sheila relaxing”

You can read a bit more about my own journey further down this page.

Is My Approach Suitable For Your Needs?

If you are considering booking one of my sessions (classes, workshops or 1-to-1), here’s some additional info about how I work. 

Please also note that all my session are for adults (18+) – I do not currently offer mindfulness teaching for children or young people.

I’m trained in mindfulness for stress reduction, and so my sessions are helpful for people suffering from stress and the anxiety associated with a busy lifestyle. However, they are not intended to support those currently experiencing a debilitating mental health condition, or severe emotional distress.  In these cases I would recommend first learning mindfulness from a counsellor or therapist who is suitably qualified to provide support.

Sessions with me can be a good follow-on resource, once support from a therapist is no longer needed.  I know from both professional and personal experience that to get the best long-term benefits from a mindfulness practice, it’s important to start mindfulness classes at the right time (I myself had CBT therapy and counselling before I was ready to learn mindfulness).

If you have been diagnosed with (or suspect you suffer from) clinical depression, an anxiety disorder or a mental health condition, you can ask your GP (or Stockport Healthy Minds) about suitable support services or referral to a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course (MBCT) – these are usually run by therapists, and are different from the classes I offer.

If you’re unsure if my sessions are right for you, I’m happy to arrange a phone chat.  If my approach isn’t quite the right fit, I’m happy to suggest alternatives such as local therapists etc.

A bit about  my own journey:

My philosophy is that you can’t control what happens in life, but you can choose a positive response. I had always suffered with stress and anxiety, and had tried pretty much every self-help book going. By the time I hit my 30s, I was frustrated to find myself still struggling with the same old issues. I had a seemingly impressive (but also demanding) job in the TV industry, but I was miserable. Then when I also started experiencing recurrent miscarriages*, my stress levels became unmanageable. I was lucky enough to stumble across a mindfulness course, which was the beginning of my journey in building up my own meditation practice.

Learning mindfulness and self-kindness was a total game-changer for me in terms of how I respond to difficult feelings like anxiety, sadness and self-criticism. After leaving my job, I felt very fortunate that we eventually became parents when our little boy arrived. In terms of my career – I had always enjoyed helping my staff to manage their stress, and with a background in volunteer helpline work, it felt important to me to find a way to support others dealing with worry, stress and overwhelm.

I re-trained as a coach and gained a Diploma in Personal Coaching which enabled me to help clients feel more calm and emotionally confident. As my personal mindfulness practice developed, it also felt natural to want to share this with others, so I also completed the Breathworks mindfulness teacher training (which has a strong emphasis on the kindness element of mindfulness). After qualifying, I was invited by Breathworks to teach some of their ‘Mindfulness For Stress’ courses in central Manchester. Over recent years I have taught hundreds of people to use mindfulness and self-kindness in their daily lives.

These days I rely on my own wellbeing practice to help me meet the difficulties that life inevitably throws up, and to balance all the things that are important to me. In my personal practice, I continue to receive regular guidance from experienced teachers who draw on ancient traditions that have much to offer modern human beings.

This site is a place where I share resources – for inspiration, encouragement and reassurance. Because it’s hard being human. And it can also be pretty amazing.

*My writing about infertility and loss

I wrote a number of blogs about my own mindful journey through infertility and loss, and have received many moving messages from readers who found them helpful. I’ve compiled these into a separate site – at the bottom of the first page on that site, you’ll find a list of links to the posts, including ‘When Baby News Hurts’, ‘The Anxiety Of Uncertainty’ and ‘Being With Sadness’

The site link is Awakening Through Loss (apologies for the presence of ads).

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