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My first book, ‘Mindfulness Inspiration: 50+ Ideas For Mindful Living’ is available now on Amazon – click here to buy.

A bit about this book:

In ‘Mindfulness Inspiration’, I offer a collection of tools, self-coaching exercises and daily practices to help you live with increased mindfulness and self-kindness. Drawn from the accessible tips I’ve been sharing with my subscribers since 2013, this book can be used whether you meditate or not, and includes more than 50 ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life.

Why get this book? Perhaps you want to live more mindfully, but you’re not sure about meditation. Or maybe you want to build on your meditation practice by boosting mindfulness in daily life. Here you’ll find a range of ideas to help you explore mindfulness in your everyday life. You don’t need to have an established mindfulness practice to use these ideas, and even if you do, you might find a new take on the practices you already use.

What’s included?  The 12 chapters are each structured into 4 ideas, which you can use as monthly plans, or dip in and use whichever ideas appeal to you most. Additionally, the book includes a 28-day ‘One-Minute Mindfulness’ toolkit, plus suggestions for creating a 6-week plan. All sections are deliberately short so that you can fit your reading into a busy life.

It’s often said that mindfulness is ‘caught, not taught’ – in that you have to experience it for yourself, by practising, rather than try to explain or understand it intellectually.  My book focusses on offering ways to put mindfulness into practice, rather than theoretical explanations; if you’d like some reading about what mindfulness actually is, Mark Williams’ book ‘Finding Peace In A Frantic World’ puts it well.

Coming soon: ‘Mindfulness, Infertility & Loss: A Personal Story’

I’ve written a number of pieces about my experiences of recurrent pregnancy loss, and how much mindfulness helped me through that time.  They were previously published on a specialist website which sadly no longer exists.  During that time I received many moving comments about how these writings had been helpful to readers, and so I’m compiling them into a book which will be available soon.  You can read an extract from this book here