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Posts from the ‘Meditation’ Category

The Meditation Quickie

When life gets busy, mindfulness practice can suffer. I find those are the times I most benefit from a meditation quickie. Short meditations are a good way to keep your practice going when your usual routine isn't possible.

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Slow Meditation: Releasing The Pressure

There's a lot of buzz about Slow Living at the moment, and it would seem natural to look to meditation to support this. But I'm wondering how many of us fall into practising what I think of as 'fast meditation'. I'm not sure I've totally slowed it down yet, but I've definitely eased a lot of the pressure I'd been inadvertently bringing into my practice.

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Relaxing As Letting Go

Have you ever had the experience of someone else telling you to 'just relax'? If only it were that simple. A stressed nervous system needs to go gradually, and it might not let go of tension straight away. From a place of accepting ourselves just as we are right now, we can begin to let go of some of the things that prevent us from experiencing true relaxation.

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What Is Mindfulness?

I'm often asked the question 'what is mindfulness?'.  I don't believe there is one definitive answer to this question.  What you'll find here is just one possible answer, based on the way I have received and share the practices of mindfulness and self-kindness...

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Should I Sit Up Or Lie Down To Meditate?

Choosing a posture for meditation is in itself an exercise in being mindful.
This is because there are no simple, black-and-white, right or wrong answers in this area. 

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