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Posts from the ‘Mindfulness’ Category

How To Bounce Back From A Mindfulness Lapse

Mindfulness doesn't remove discomfort so that we're 'fixed' and never feel it again.  In this human life, we're going to keep on experiencing the unpleasant, the difficult and the challenging - alongside what's beautiful, moving and enjoyable.

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What Is Mindfulness?

I'm often asked the question 'what is mindfulness?'.  I don't believe there is one definitive answer to this question.  What you'll find here is just one possible answer, based on the way I have received and share the practices of mindfulness and self-kindness...

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My Top 10 Mindful Reading List

I often recommend some of these mindfulness books to people - and I've found them all so helpful personally. Some are on mindfulness, others on self-compassion - but they all have something valuable to say about being human.

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