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Posts from the ‘Monthly Reflections’ Category

Conscious happiness

I can get a bit squirmy around the idea of joy, because - like anger - it is a very powerful energy. But through befriending the energy of anger, the door has also been opened to allow the energy of joy to flow more freely.

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Meditation as listening

My meditation practice changed a lot during lockdown. Some of the things that used to encourage me to practice had shifted, and I was given the space to notice that.

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When the lights go out

One of the obstacles to finding a mindful response is that it can be hard to remember what helps when we’re experiencing stress...

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Releasing Dissatisfaction

As the summer solstice approaches, there’s a fullness to the length of the days, in the leafiness of trees and the blossoming of flowers. And yet this can be undermined so easily by a sense of dissatisfaction, if I let it. In a world filled with bottomless invitations to consume, how do we find that feeling of satisfaction that supports our wellbeing?

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Opening Up Your Practice

If you sometimes find that meditation feels like hard work, you might be experiencing the ‘narrowing’ that I talk about in the video - click below to watch, and find out how I keep my own practice balanced with a sense of expansiveness.

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