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Posts from the ‘Monthly Reflections’ Category

Reading for wellbeing

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a list of things I started doing during lockdown that had a positive impact on my wellbeing, that I wanted to keep doing after lockdown ended. One of them was reading fiction.

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The blossoming of the wild self

My own practice has brought me back round to looking at patterns of control. In our culture, we are heavily conditioned to try to be in control - of our emotions, of other people, of life events - and it’s such a huge delusion.

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Creative practice as an anchor

February is something of a liminal (in-between) time: nearly the end of winter, but not quite spring. It can feel like a slog, to cross this transitional space that offers little in the way of anchor points.

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Staying with the unknown

January can be a funny month. There’s an odd contradiction between the cultural energy of a new beginning, and the seasonal energy of not much happening: spring is still a long way off, January is definitely still winter in the natural world, and it’s the last time of year that I feel like eating salad or getting up early to meditate.

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Winter stillness, winter darkness

The winter solstice will occur soon, marking the beginning of ‘astronomical’ winter. Solstice means ‘sun standing still’, and one of the ways I like to mark it is by finding some stillness myself.

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