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Posts from the ‘Monthly Reflections’ Category

Embracing complexity, opening to mystery

I've embraced alot of simplicity in recent years: less busyness, less achievement-chasing, less stress, less stuff, less plastic, less time online. In all these areas, I've found that simplifying helps me to find the 'just enough' that feels good. But some things can't be made simple.

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The cycle of growth

I’m not learning anything new at the moment. But I am gaining great benefit from re-visiting mindfulness tools that have helped me in the past.

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Slow down and be in the story

Stories have always seen me through the darkness. At this time of year, I tend to want to rush forwards into spring, but the power of stories is helping me to stay within nature's quiet space, with the cold and dark that's still here, a necessary part of the cycle that needs to be completed before the light and warmth can truly emerge.

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5 mindful living practices (meditation not required)

Life-as-practice is inviting me again, reminding me not to separate meditation from living. By committing to daily(-ish) practices like these...

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Living Creatively

December is a month that I usually feel the need to prepare myself for. I fiercely resist the pressure of mass consumerism, and as I’m not religious, I have to find my own meaning within this winter festival.

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