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Creative Writing

Creative writing, for me, is an extension of my imaginative meditation practice. My first experience of this was when I began to spontaneously write poems on mindfulness retreats. You can read some of these on my page Mindfulness Poems.

A few years later, I started to experiment with writing fiction and I stumbled across the form of ‘flash fiction’, which struck me as a particularly poetic, mindful form of writing.

I committed to a regular practice of writing, and found that in immersing myself in the unfolding of these stories, of the lives of people who were not-me (but fellow imperfect, complex human beings), that I could access something which feels deeply healing and restoring at a personal level.

Currently in my own practice, imaginative mindfulness is expressing itself through writing flash fiction – under my pen name for fiction, Dawn Siofra North. Visit my Flash Fiction page or my writing site for links to my published work.

I am very interested in creative writing as a form of expressive art which can support healing and growth; as I learn more, I’ll be sharing what I discover here on my site. I reflected on writing as a wellbeing practice in this blog for Retreat West – 6 Reasons to Write.

In the meantime I am compiling a collection of my posts about reading (and writing) for wellbeing.

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