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Flash Fiction

I write flash fiction under the pen name Dawn Siofra North. You can find out more on my website

What is flash fiction? There are various ‘definitions’, but I usually describe them as tiny stories. The appeal I find in both reading and writing flash is the combination of the poetic (which has a similar effect on the brain as some forms of meditation), the sensory (essential for embodiment), and the compressed (the art of ‘just enough’ and the mindfulness skill of letting go).

There is a piece of my own flash fiction published on Free Flash Fiction, and I have linked to other free sources of flash in this post on Reading for wellbeing.

My collection of stories The Girl Who Survived won third place in the Retreat West 2021 Novelette-in-Flash Prize and is published in the anthology Monsieur by Retreat West (a novella-in-flash is a collection of stories that is linked by a narrative or thematic thread, it’s my favourite form to read aswell as to write!).

The story of how my mindfulness practice turned into writing fiction is on the main Creative Writing page.

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