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Mindfulness coaching ~ Self-Kindness skills ~ Meditation practices

Aswell as the shorter classes, I also run more in-depth workshops covering a range of themes around mindful living and self-kindness.  Upcoming workshops:



BOOKING IS REQUIRED for all the workshops in this series, as places are limited, and these Saturday workshops do sometimes get fully booked.

Suitable for meditation beginners and those who already have a practice

Location: all workshops take place at The Heatons Centre in Heaton Moor

Cost: £25 for each  workshop

You can book for any of these workshops as a stand-alone session, or you can book for all 3 as a more comprehensive series.  They cover what I consider to be the most important elements of mindfulness.  These sessions will be suitable for beginners looking to establish a practice.  They will also be helpful for those who already meditate – these are the elements that I frequently re-visit in my own practice as it continues to deepen.  Or if your practice has lapsed a bit (as tends to happen), this series would be a good way to give it a re-boot.

The sessions will include a mixture of ideas to use in your life, guided meditation and discussion.  Each workshop date and content description is given below. If you do all 3 sessions, you will be introduced to all of the core meditation practices:  mindfulness with breathing, kindness meditation and body awareness.  After each session I will also send you a suggested Home Practice plan for 2 weeks.

For a little reading about how mindfulness can be beneficial, you might like my blog. You can find more about me and my approach on the About page.

WORKSHOP 1: ‘MEDITATING WITH MORE EASE’ – Saturday 16th March, 2pm till 5pm

Meditation can feel like a struggle, both for beginners and for those of us who have been meditating for some time.  In this session we will take a look at one of the most common reasons for this.  I will share a powerful way to find more ease in sitting meditation, to help you begin your practice (or develop it further).  We will also explore how in fact we can ‘meditate’ in any moment to bring mindfulness into daily life, even on the days we can’t find the space for sitting practice.

WORKSHOP 2: ‘SELF-KINDNESS & FINDING FREEDOM’ – Saturday 30th March, 2pm till 5pm

Mindfulness offers us a radical way to find freedom from the stress and anxiety of modern life.  But in order to access this freedom, we may need to first build a foundation of self-kindness.  In this session I’ll explain how the mindfulness practice of ‘turning towards’ can release our struggle with difficulty.  We will also cover how to use self-kindness to support us when we experience difficult situations and feelings.

WORKSHOP 3: ‘CALMING OUR EXPERIENCE’ – Saturday 13th April, 2pm till 5pm

Developing body awareness is crucial to gaining the longer-term benefits of mindfulness practice.  Inhabiting the body more fully can bring a profound sense of peace, but many of us have become disconnected from the body.  With body-based (or ‘somatic’) mindfulness practices, we can learn to gradually re-connect with the body and experience greater wellbeing.  In this session we will cover how increased body awareness can interrupt our reactive feelings and behaviours, creating more calm.  We’ll explore meditation and other tools to develop and deepen body awareness.

IMPORTANT INFO: My workshops are helpful for stress, but are not intended to support those currently experiencing a debilitating mental health condition, or severe emotional distress.  They are also for adults only (18yrs+). If you have a physical restriction (eg postural, hearing, pregnancy etc), please let me know so that I can suggest any relevant modifications when we meditate.   If you are unsure if my sessions are suitable for you, I’m happy to have a short phone chat – to arrange one, please get in touch via the contact page.

BOOKING IS REQUIRED FOR ALL SATURDAY WORKSHOPS – to reserve a place, get in touch via the Contact page

“I spent several years trying to do mindfulness by myself and not getting anywhere.  I find Sheila’s approach to be kind, gentle, welcoming and supportive. She explains so well what mindfulness is and how to incorporate it into each day.”

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