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Update On Classes

I am not currently running any group classes, as my 1-to-1 coaching work is keeping me just the right amount of busy. You can find out more about my 1-to-1 sessions at the Mindfulness Coaching page.

In the longer-term, I am slowly developing a small Practice Circle – this is for people who have regularly attended sessions with me, and who maintain an ongoing practice (though that might not mean meditating daily; we can be committed to our own growth journey in other ways). If you would like to find out more about this, please email me. I also offer one-off Practice Review sessions for those with an established practice.

You can also find free resources on my Mini-Programme and Meditations pages. For alternative options for group classes, see below.

To receive updates from me, you can ‘Follow’ this website using the button below – and you would receive an email each time I post a new blog (click directly on the ‘Follow’ part of the button if you don’t want to set up a wordpress account). I will probably use this method to announce any new offerings.

Other options

If you are looking for group classes, you could check out the links below to other teachers. You would need to check with the teachers directly to make sure that their classes are a good fit for you. I’m not professionally or formally affiliated with any of these teachers, these links are for signposting information only. I believe they are all currently offering online classes using Zoom.

Bridget Fitzpatrick is also Breathworks-trained, as I am – her website is Mindful Manchester

Breathworks run courses in Manchester and have listings of other teachers.

Sue Matin – those of you who were regulars in my classes may remember Sue, who also used to attend sometimes, in between teaching her own classes. She is running online sessions subject to demand; you can email me if you’d like her contact details.

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