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Mindfulness coaching ~ Self-Kindness skills ~ Meditation practices

**PLEASE NOTE – workshop times are now afternoons.  Please also make sure you check details of the location, given below and on booking confirmations**


MEDITATION AFTERNOON FOR REGULARS – Saturday 11th May, 2pm till 5pm

Suitable for: those who already have some experience of meditation, adults only (if you are a beginner, you can have a look at the workshop below which is open to all levels).

Location:  Heatons Centre, Heaton Moor

Cost: £25   BOOKING IS REQUIRED – please email me to book.

(It’s likely if you are booking onto this session that I already know you.  If not, we may need to have a phone chat before you book, to ensure it’s suitable).

Session description: A space for some ‘non-doing’ time.  The session will not include any teaching input like the workshops – instead the emphasis will be on meditating together, and having the space to explore our own experience more deeply.  I will lead 20-minute periods of meditation with some guidance.  It’s a good opportunity to deepen your practice, or give it a re-boot.


‘DISCOVERING NEW POSSIBILITIES’ – Saturday 7th September, 2pm till 5pm

Suitable for: meditation beginners and those with some experience, adults only

Location:  Heatons Centre, Heaton Moor


Session description:  Mindfulness helps us to develop more awareness of ourselves, and of life.  From that foundation, we can begin to release limiting patterns and discover new possibilities for improved wellbeing.  In this session I’ll be sharing some tools for self-enquiry that can help to build greater awareness and self-kindness.  There will be space for discussion of the material, and some guided meditation.

IMPORTANT INFO: My workshops are helpful for stress, but are not intended to support those currently experiencing a debilitating mental health condition, or severe emotional distress.  They are also for adults only (18yrs+). If you have a physical restriction (eg postural, hearing, pregnancy etc), please let me know so that I can suggest any relevant modifications when we meditate.   If you are unsure if my sessions are suitable for you, I’m happy to have a short phone chat – to arrange one, please get in touch via the contact page.

BOOKING IS REQUIRED AS PLACES ARE LIMITED – to reserve a place, get in touch via the Contact page, stating which date/session you would like to book for.

“I spent several years trying to do mindfulness by myself and not getting anywhere.  I find Sheila’s approach to be kind, gentle, welcoming and supportive. She explains so well what mindfulness is and how to incorporate it into each day.”

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