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I am currently only doing 1-to-1 sessions, not group classes or courses. For links to other teachers, see the bottom of this page. For practice ideas and resources, see my monthly blog posts.

3rd September 2022:

I have added a link to Colette Power’s online offerings at the bottom of this page. (I was fortunate enough to be taught and then mentored by Colette when I was training to teach mindfulness). I’ve also added Bridget Fitzpatrick who, like me, trained with Breathworks – she runs an online class.

23 July 2022:

Over the last couple of years, the nature of my own practice – and therefore what I’m sharing – has changed to focus more on imaginative practice. I am also committed to only working with people on a 1-to-1 basis for the time being (I have a sliding-scale for fees). You can find out about this on the Coaching Sessions page. If you have attended sessions with me in the past and you are looking to develop or refresh your practice, a one-off Review Session may be helpful.

I don’t have any plans to resume group classes for the next few years, as mindfulness teaching is something I do alongside homeschooling our son and my own creative writing practice – I’m getting better at not depleting myself! With this in mind, I am closing down the mailing list I used to send out, as there are no classes to advertise. You can find any new updates here on the site.

I will continue to share a new blog post roughly every month with ideas that you can incorporate into your own practice. You can find these on the Blog page.

I am also developing an occasional, small Practice Circle for experienced practitioners, but this is only suitable for people who I know quite well and who require minimal structure.

If you are looking for alternative group mindfulness classes, you could check out the options below. You would need to check with these organisations or teachers directly to make sure that their classes are a good fit for you: I’m not professionally or formally affiliated with any other teachers, I provide links for signposting information only.

Breathworks (the organisation I trained with) for their courses and listings of local teachers.

Bridget Fitzpatrick (also Breathworks-trained) offers some online classes .

Colette Power (who I learned so much from in the earlier stages of my own journey) runs some online classes.

I also believe there are some classes being run by Stockport Healthy Minds at the Heatons Centre in Heaton Moor (I saw a poster but I can’t find listings online, you could contact them for more info).

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