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IMPORTANT GUIDANCE NOTE:  These recordings are not designed to be listened to using headphones/earbuds. Please do not listen while driving or engaged in any task that requires your full attention.  These medittions are not intended to support severe emotional distress or debilitating mental health conditions.  For more info about suitability visit the About page.


Basic Self-Kindness Meditation (12 mins) – for cultivating kindness to self.


Support Your Self (6 mins) – a short meditation to bring self-kindness into your day


Befriending Difficulty Meditation (Recorded Live, 16mins) – a longer version of the ‘Support Your Self’ practice for meeting difficulty with courage and compassion.


Responding To Our Own Suffering (Recorded Live, 19 mins) – a self-compassion meditation for attending to and responding to difficult feelings with kindness and care.


Calming Body, Heart & Mind (Recorded Live, 14mins) – a practice to bring kindness to difficult experience, drawn from the approach developed by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer – see their websites for more meditations.


Imagining Compassion (7 mins) – connect with an image of a person, being or place that helps you feel supported, soothed and cared for.



Basic Body Scan (22 mins) – a meditation inviting awareness to inhabit each area of the body.


Relaxing Into Body Awareness (22 mins) – a body scan meditation with a focus on meeting experience as it is, softening resistance and relaxing into ‘being with’ what’s happening, with greater confidence.


Supported By The Earth (Recorded Live, 20 mins) – A grounding practice to encourage mindful relaxation. Guidance is given for lying down, so please adapt as necessary if you are seated. (Excuse the audio quality, I think I was lying a bit close to the mic!)


Discovering The Body (Recorded Live, 22 mins) – Exploring the embodied experience, including finding what’s pleasant, and working with what’s unpleasant. Guidance is for sitting, can also be done lying down. From about 17 minutes, there is a gradual and extended closing of the practice, to give you time to slowly transition back into everyday life. Recorded live (I got the creaky chair!).


Breathing With The Body (16 mins, Recorded Live) – finding a grounded presence through embodied awareness of the breath.


For short meditations (under 5 minutes), see the post The Meditation Quickie

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