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This page contains a menu of my various meditation recordings on Soundcloud.  They are listed by type of practice – Self-Kindness, Body Awareness and Mindfulness With Breathing.

Scroll down to choose a practice and click the relevant link to listen – it will open it up in Soundcloud.  You will notice that some of these meditations were recorded live (these are labelled on the Soundcloud description).

Shorter practices of 5 minutes or less are at the bottom of the page.

GUIDANCE NOTE:  These practices are devised to support stress reduction, but are not intended to address debilitating mental health conditions or severe emotional distress.  Do not listen to these recordings when driving, or when concentration on another task is important for safety. For more info about suitability visit the About page.


(Some of these are fairly continuous guidance, with less spaces than recordings)

Basic Self-Kindness Meditation (12 mins) – for cultivating kindness to self.

Support Your Self (6 mins) – a short meditation to bring self-kindness into your day

Befriending Difficulty Meditation (Recorded Live, 16mins) – a longer version of the ‘Support Your Self’ practice for meeting difficulty with courage and compassion.

Opening To All Of Your Experience (Recorded Live, 19 mins) – a gentle practice of ‘befriending’ – opening more fully to all the various aspects of our experience: the pleasant, the neutral and the unpleasant. Welcoming these in on our own terms can be empowering and help develop a broad, calm and stable awareness.

Responding To Our Own Suffering (Recorded Live, 19 mins) – a self-compassion meditation for attending to and responding to difficult feelings with kindness and care.

Calming Body, Heart & Mind (Recorded Live, 14mins) – a practice to bring kindness to difficult experience, drawn from the approach developed by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer – see their websites for more meditations.

Imagining Compassion (7 mins) – connect with an image of a person, being or place that helps you feel supported, soothed and cared for.


Basic Body Scan (22 mins) – a meditation inviting awareness to inhabit each area of the body.

Relaxing Into Body Awareness (22 mins) – a body scan meditation with a focus on meeting experience as it is, softening resistance and relaxing into ‘being with’ what’s happening, with greater confidence.

Broad Awareness of the Body (20 mins) – A body awareness practice to explore the range of sensations we experience and move towards holding both the unpleasant and the pleasant in a broad, steady awareness.

Supported By The Earth (Recorded Live, 20 mins) – A grounding practice to encourage mindful relaxation. Guidance is given for lying down, so please adapt as necessary if you are seated. (Excuse the audio quality, I think I was lying a bit close to the mic!)

Discovering The Body (Recorded Live, 22 mins) – Exploring the embodied experience, including finding what’s pleasant, and working with what’s unpleasant. Guidance is for sitting, can also be done lying down. From about 17 minutes, there is a gradual and extended closing of the practice, to give you time to slowly transition back into everyday life. Recorded live (I got the creaky chair!).

See also ‘Breathing With The Body’ below, for an alternative way in to body-based practice.


Basic Breathing Meditation (16 mins) – a short practice for bringing mindful awareness to the breath.

Breathing With The Body (16 mins, Recorded Live) – finding a grounded presence through embodied awareness of the breath.

Mindfulness With Breathing (20 mins, Recorded Live)* – Establishing and maintaining contact with the breath, as felt in the body. Led on a practice afternoon for those with some meditation experience, less guidance than some of my other recordings.

Mindfulness With Feelings (22 mins, Recorded Live)* – A mindfulness with breathing practice, opening to a range of feelings, including energy and pleasant feelings. Allowing all experience to arise and pass, held in the container of the breath.

*These 2 meditations can be done ‘back-to-back’ if you would like an extended practice of 40 minutes.


Relax Into The Moment (4 mins) – take a pause and contact mindfulness.

5-Sense Check-In (5 mins) – drop into Being in the body.

Allowing Your Experience (4 mins) – a brief practice for turning towards your experience with acceptance and kindness.

Being With Possibility (5 mins) – exploring habitual responses and opening to the possibility of change.

Body Check-In (5 mins) – reconnect with embodied awareness.

5-minute Breathing Space – slightly longer than a standard breathing space, a short meditation to help re-establish mindful awareness.

Contacting Energy (5 mins) – noticing the quality of our energy, especially if it’s based in wanting or striving.

Finding The Positive (5 mins) – taking in what feels good about the present moment.

For when you’re not sure which type of practice you want to do, you can find an alternative menu of meditations organised by how you’re feeling here.

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