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‘Mindfulness Foundations’

Learn to meditate & develop body awareness

This programme can be accessed through 1-to-1 coaching sessions via Skype (see the main Coaching page for costs etc).

If you want learn more about meditation or body awareness, my Mindfulness Foundations series covers these areas – but can also be followed if you don’t want to do sitting meditation.

About the ‘MINDFULNESS FOUNDATIONS’ coaching series

These sessions cover what I consider to be the most important elements of mindfulness – ones that I frequently re-visit in my own practice as it continues to deepen.  The series is suitable for beginners looking to establish a practice, or those who already meditate and want to develop further. I’ve taught mindfulness to hundreds of people, and these sessions contain the aspects that have proved most useful from my way of sharing the approach.

I don’t lead meditations during these sessions, but focus on giving you the information and resources to build your own practice at home.

We begin with a Starter Session to help you get the most out of the programme, and to clarify what living more mindfully would look like for you personally. 

Then we explore the following themes, which cover the core practices of mindfulness, self-kindness and body awareness.

1. ‘Making Meditation Easier’ – What is meditation, and what it’s not!  How to make ‘meditation’ more approachable.

2. ‘Relating To Thoughts’ – Creating a more mindful relationship with thoughts, both in meditation and in life.

3. ‘What Is Self-Kindness?’ – Explore what self-kindness actually means, and how you might begin to develop your own self-kindness practice.

4. ‘Finding Freedom’ – Learning a new way to relate to difficulty.

5. ‘Calming Our Experience’ – An intro to how body awareness can interrupt reactivity and give us more choice beyond the habitual thoughts and emotions associated with stress.

6. ‘Re-Connecting With The Body’ – Exploring the possibility of deeper body awareness, as a foundation for greater peacefulness and freedom.

“I am more aware of my feelings and thoughts and am responding to issues in my life differently.”

For further information about coaching sessions including suitability, cost and how to book – visit the main Coaching Programme page.

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If you are looking for workshops in Heaton Moor, South Manchester, click here.

What’s it like to learn mindfulness with me?  Here’s a couple of client quotes (there are  more throughout the site):

“Sheila was amazing, very personable with great knowledge and experience of mindfulness”

“Thank you Sheila, you created a warm and safe environment, and your depth of experience and understanding has inspired me to take mindfulness practices forward as an integral part of my future”

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