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I’ve put together a collection of tools for mindful living, structured into a self-study process you can follow over 3 weeks. This mini-programme will give you a taster of my approach to mindful living. All the material is freely available on this website, at no cost.

Each week focusses on a particular theme via short videos, reflection prompts and ‘1-minute mindfulness’ practices. There are also suggested meditation recordings, if you want to do some guided practice.

All of the resources are laid out week-by-week at the linked pages below. You might choose to customise the programme to emphasise the elements that feel most helpful to you right now, and leave some of them to revisit later.

BEFORE YOU START – please ensure you have read the guidance note below.


My approach and the material offered here may be helpful for stress, but it is not intended to support those currently experiencing a debilitating mental health condition, or severe emotional distress. It is also for use by adults only (18yrs+). You can read a bit more about suitability at the About page. If you are unsure if my approach is suitable for you, I’m happy to arrange a short chat via Zoom or Skype.

At the end of the programme, there the option to book a Reflection Session with me, if you would find it helpful (charged at my usual session rate, only available if you are in the UK – please see full info on the Week 3 page before you book).


Intro to Mindful Living

WEEK 1 – Intentional Living

WEEK 2 – Self-Kindness in Action

WEEK 3 Mindfulness of the Body

As a warm-up before beginning Week 1, you might like to read the Intro to Mindful Living – which explains a bit more about my perspective on this way of being.

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