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Intro to Mindful Living

What is Mindful Living?

If I had to define it, I’d say that Mindful Living is about transforming your life into an expression of what really matters most to you.

Before I discovered the practice of mindfulness 12 years ago, I was chasing a life that someone else had designed, centred around career ambition and material achievements. And it made me thoroughly miserable, because it turns out that isn’t the life that feels meaningful to me. I felt like a robot putting in time at a lifeless ‘success’ factory. I constantly felt I needed to prove myself, or pretend to be who I thought I ‘should’ be. It was exhausting and soul-destroying. But things are very different now. These days, all my time and energy is put into things that are important to me. Life is slower, simpler, much less stressful and a lot happier. I feel properly alive. I feel comfortable just being human, and being who I really am.

Many people decide to try mindfulness for similar reasons. But there can be a difference between learning mindfulness and actually living it – especially in our quick-fix culture. We may have a lot to unlearn and let go of, as we bring mindful awareness into the whole of our life. Mindfulness is very powerful, but it’s pretty useless if it doesn’t transfer from your ‘meditation’ time into your day-to-day life. Instead of viewing it as a technique to master, I believe it’s a way of inhabiting this human life, moment to moment, even when what’s happening is challenging.

Mindful living offers us a way to experience greater wellbeing in a sustainable, long-term way. As one of my clients explained the shift: “Life is easier, more fun and less stressful”. Meditation can be a valuable part of the path, but it’s not mandatory. Some of us start off with other mindfulness practices that we weave into our day, and come to sitting meditation later. With hindsight, perhaps this is why mindful living was such an integral part of my own journey: I needed time to slow down my pace and adjust my minsdset before I was ready to start a regular sitting practice.

With this in mind, I share a range of tools and ideas drawn from coaching, mindfulness and self-kindness. These practices foster greater awareness, and support three key aspects which I feel contribute to mindful living, explored within the mini-programme: Intentional Living, Self-Kindness and Embodiment. These 3 key areas aren’t intended as a rigid definition – it’s just my take on what a mindful life looks like, informed by more than a decade of my personal mindfulness practice, plus a number of years running workshops and classes on mindful living. You can read more about my own journey and qualifications at the About page.

If you’re ready to start the Mini-Programme, go to the Week 1 page. (Make sure you’ve read the info on the main Mini-Programme page first).

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