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Mini-Programme Week 1


BEFORE YOU BEGIN, please ensure you have read all the information on the on the main Mini-Programme page, especially the Guidance Note.

The theme of this week is Intentional Living. This is also known as values-based living. Mindfulness helps to grow our awareness of personal values, so that we can honour them more fully in how we live our lives. There is no one-size-fits-all template for mindful living, it’s an expression of what matters most to you personally.

We live in a demanding world, with a very persuasive culture that can easily pull us away from our own values. But with greater mindful awareness, we discover more choice about where we put our energy. For example, one of the choices I made early in my own journey towards intentional living was to swap my corporate job for something much lower paid. When our life is aligned with our deepest intentions, there is a feeling of ‘enoughness’ that supports more ease and wellbeing.

To learn a bit more about intentional living, watch this short video:

(You can also find the video on my Youtube channel at this link)

Reflection prompt

For this week’s reflection, consider whether there is anything you have begun to question in your own life. You could use the journalling prompt ‘I am questioning…’. It may be that you notice several things arise over the course of the week. Perhaps this will include what prompted you to begin this mini-programme, or anything else that seems significant as you begin to open to the practice of questioning. You could write notes in a journal if it’s helpful.

1-minute mindfulness practice

This week’s suggested practice is ‘Start Slowly’, which you can find described in the video below. This practice can support you in starting the day intentionally. To help you remember to do the practice each day, you might find it helpful to stick a note to yourself somewhere you will see it in the morning. The video (called Clear Your Mind) includes 3 different practices, of which Start Slowly is one – if you find that a different one is more appealing, you could do that instead, or try it later on.

You can also find this video on my youtube channel at this link

If you want to do any meditation this week, you could try one from the Mindfulness With Breathing section on my Meditation Recordings page, such as ‘Breathing With The Body‘. Or for a shorter meditation, you might like the ‘5 Minute Breathing Space‘ on my Short Meditations page. If you’re not a fan of sitting meditation, or you feel that the practices above are plenty to be getting on with, feel free to skip it.

When you get to the end of the week, you may find it helpful to look back over your journalling, or reflect on the week, as a way to review your experiences with the practices, and make a few notes (before you move onto week 2).

When you are ready to begin Week 2, find it here.

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