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You can find some very short meditations here, for when you’re really short on time, or when you want to take a little pause in your day.   Some of these are only a few minutes long – which can be helpful for those days when you’re especially busy, or just feeling resistant to meditating (it happens to me too!).

For longer practices, visit this page

Guidance Note:  These practices are devised to support stress, but are not intended to address acute or debilitating mental health conditions.  Do not listen to these recordings when driving, or when concentration on another task is important for safety.

Relax Into The Moment (4 mins) – take a pause and contact mindfulness.

Support Your Self (6 mins) – a short meditation to bring self-kindness into your day.

5-Sense Check-In (5 mins) – drop into Being in the body.

Allowing Your Experience (4 mins) – a brief practice for turning towards your experience with acceptance and kindness.

Being With Possibility (5 mins) – exploring habitual responses and opening to the possibility of change.

Body Check-In (5 mins) – reconnect with embodied awareness.

Imagining Compassion (7 mins) – connect with an image of a person, being or place that helps you feel supported, soothed and cared for.

5-minute Breathing Space – slightly longer than a standard breathing space, a short meditation to help re-establish mindful awareness.

Contacting Energy (5 mins) – noticing the quality of our energy, especially if it’s based in wanting or striving.

Finding The Positive (5 mins) – taking in what feels good about the present moment.

I have more short meditations which will be added soon…

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