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‘Steps To Freedom’

Tools For Self-Kindness & Emotional Confidence

This programme can be accessed through 1-to-1 coaching sessions via Skype (see the main Coaching page for costs etc).

If you would like to develop greater self-kindness or emotional confidence, the Steps To Freedom series might be a good fit for you. The programme includes journaling exercises that you can do to develop mindful awareness, if meditation isn’t quite your thing.

About the ‘STEPS TO FREEDOM’ coaching series

How we cope with difficulty is often characterised by the habitual patterns we have developed, which can be mental, emotional or behavioural – for example, self-criticism, seeking control, attempting to ignore what’s happening, or some other way of reacting when life is challenging.  These strategies can eventually start to feel ineffective and exhausting.  This can be a clue that you are ready to let go of these limiting patterns and create positive change.

We begin with a Starter Session to help you get the most out of the programme, and to clarify what living more mindfully would look like for you personally.

We then move through a 6-step process to help you identify your own habits, build emotional confidence and discover new possibilities.  No prior experience of mindfulness or self-kindness is required.  I can also provide a meditation plan to accompany the programme, but this is optional (you don’t have to meditate to use the tools I share in this series).

1. ‘Support Your Self’ – Building self-kindness as a positive resource, for greater resilience.  Includes a journalling exercise to get you started.

2. ‘Choosing The Positive’ – how to use positive resources and the Approach Mode when you encounter challenging situations.

3. ‘Compassionate Awareness’ – Introducing the ‘Just Noticing’ mindfulness tool, which builds a clearer picture of your limiting patterns.

4. ‘Preparing For Change’ – Laying a foundation for letting go of habits that you would like to change, by understanding what is really keeping you stuck.

5. The Power Of Willingness’ – Moving towards new possibilities.

6. ‘Exploring With Kindness & Courage’ – Building the emotional confidence for long-term growth.

You can read a bit more about emotional confidence on the Mindful Living page.

“These materials are really helpful and encouraging. They are really going to help me with my practice over the next months”

For further information about coaching sessions including suitability, cost and how to book – visit the main Coaching Programme page.

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Wondering what it’s like to work with me?  Here’s what some clients have said about me (there are more quotes throughout the site):

“Inspiring to listen to, really welcoming, calm and encouraging”

“Clear, friendly and professional… really enjoyed her calm and open attitude, and honesty of her experience”

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