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‘Steps To Growth’


If you’ve begun to question your usual way of being in the world, and you’re wondering if there’s an alternative, the ‘Steps To Growth’ programme may be of interest to you.

Suitable for those new to mindfulness, and those with an existing practice.

It will be a self-study series of videos covering a 4-step self-enquiry process to help you develop greater self-awareness and self-kindness. From this foundation, you can step into a journey towards greater freedom and ease in your life.

Over the course of the programme, I will share some ideas you can use in your own life, plus some guided journaling practices to get you started. I won’t lead meditation in the videos, but will link to suggested meditation recordings from my site, as part of the programme.

The videos will be available free of charge, and will cover:

1. Breaking Free – an exploration of the conditioning we get trapped in, and the possibility of freedom.

2. What’s The Story? – how to spot habitual beliefs that limit you, and begin the process of positive change.

3. Who Do I Need To Be? – why ‘identity’ can be linked with self-harshness, and how to move towards self-kindness instead.

4. What’s Happening Now? – a powerful mindfulness question, and how to use it to reduce stress.

5. Self-Connection – deepening your relationship with yourself, to promote a calming response to difficulty.

6. Discovering New Possibilities – how to put the steps together to support your own growth process.

Once you’ve watched all the videos, there will also be the option to book in for a 1-to-1 personal review, to consolidate your learning. The review will be charged at my normal session rate, but the videos will be available free of charge via YouTube.

To get notifications when I release these videos, you can use the ‘Follow’ button on the bottom right-hand side of the page (you will then get an email whenever I post new blogs and videos; you can unsubscribe at any time).

In the meantime, you can watch my other videos by clicking the YouTube button below.

‘Your videos really resonated and gave me lots to reflect on – thank you!’  

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