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Posts tagged ‘Mindful Living’

Rooting deeply into where we are

In the indigenous tradition of the UK, the end of October marks the end of the agricultural year, and the start of November is actually the beginning of the new year: darkness is the beginning of a new cycle, and it is from the darkness that light emerges. It seems fitting that, within this space of generative darkness, I can see several ways that I’m settling deeper into where I am (rather than trying to get somewhere else).

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Conscious happiness

I can get a bit squirmy around the idea of joy, because - like anger - it is a very powerful energy. But through befriending the energy of anger, the door has also been opened to allow the energy of joy to flow more freely.

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Releasing Dissatisfaction

As the summer solstice approaches, there’s a fullness to the length of the days, in the leafiness of trees and the blossoming of flowers. And yet this can be undermined so easily by a sense of dissatisfaction, if I let it. In a world filled with bottomless invitations to consume, how do we find that feeling of satisfaction that supports our wellbeing?

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Ignoring ‘Normal’

There’s been a lot of talk about getting back to ‘normal’ lately. But a pause from the usual has shown me even more clearly that what we call normal isn’t necessarily healthy.

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Finding Magic In The Rainy Days

Finding the positive becomes a radical practice on these rainy days.​

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