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Skype Sessions

If you live in the Greater Manchester area of the UK, you can find my workshop schedule at the Workshops page, or my other site Lollipop Wellbeing.

I believe the best way to learn the practices that I share is in a group environment (it’s also cheaper for you that way).  However, if you don’t live in my part of the world, you may be interested in a Personal Workshop.  This is a 1-to-1 session by Skype for 45 minutes.

The following Personal Workshop sessions are based on my ‘Courage + Kindness’ workshop series.  In each one, I share a tool for growth that can be used on its own or as part of a 6-step series to support positive change.  Aswell as the session itself, you also receive a handout and suggestions for a week of home practice.


How we cope with difficulty is often characterised by the habitual patterns we have developed.  These habits can be mental, emotional or behavioural tendencies – for example trying to control things, criticising ourselves or attempting to ignore what’s happening (or some other way of reacting when life is challenging).  Eventually, these strategies start to feel ineffective and exhausting.  This is often what brings people to my sessions:  they are ready to let go of limiting patterns and create positive change.  You can read about my own journey towards this kind of change in this blog.

This series of personal workshops combines mindful coaching tools with a meditation-based approach to help you explore your own experience, and move towards change at your own pace.  Over the course of these sessions, I share a 6-step process for building emotional confidence and discovering new possibilities.  This process is built around tools that encourage reflection and self-awareness – after each session you receive a handout and links to meditation recordings, so that you can continue working with these practices at home (if you want to).


1. ‘Support Your Self’

Building Self-Kindness as a positive resource, for greater resilience.

2.’Choosing The Positive’

Using the Approach Mode to move forward when you encounter challenging situations.

3.’Just Noticing’

A mindfulness tool to build a clearer picture of your limiting patterns.

4.’Preparing For Change’

Laying a foundation for letting go of habits that you would like to change, by understanding what is really keeping you stuck.

5.’The Power Of Willingness’

Moving towards new possibilities.

6.’Exploring With Kindness & Courage’

Building the emotional confidence for long-term growth.

Please note that while these sessions may be helpful for stress, they are not intended to support a debilitating mental health condition, or severe emotional distress.  They are also for adults only (age 18+).

Cost – £35 for each 45-minute session (including the handout and home practice plan).  You might want to do all 6 sessions as a 6-week programme, or space them out at your own pace. If you did all 6 sessions, the total cost would be £210. But you don’t need to book them all at once – I work on a session-to-session basis, so you can have the flexibility of booking one session at a time, with no obligation to book for additional sessions.

To book or ask for further information, please email me via the contact page.  If you are outside the UK, please let me know as we may need to work out time differences etc.


“The most powerful thing from sessions with Sheila has got to be my positive mindset changes”

“I have discovered techniques that have really worked for me… to find a greater sense of calm and inner belief and self confidence”

“Sheila has helped me change the way I think… I am much calmer now”

“These materials are really helpful and encouraging. They are really going to help me with my practice over the next months”

“I am more aware of my feelings and thoughts and am responding to issues in my life differently.”


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