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Mindful Conversations

“The most powerful thing from sessions with Sheila has got to be my positive mindset changes”

I offer 1-to-1 coaching sessions over Zoom (or Skype), for those who are new to mindfulness or who already have an established practice. See Important Information below for more about suitability.

A coaching session with me is a guided conversation where I share a theme as a starting point for discussion. We can explore your own response to that theme, and I can offer ideas and tools you can use in your practice. Depending on your preferences, these might include journaling exercises, ways to customise meditation or methods for increasing mindfulness in daily life.

This enables you to create a personalised practice, one step at a time. I can lead some meditation within a session if you would like, but this is optional. You may prefer to use journaling, creative expression or time in nature to develop your practice.

We usually start with a One-off Conversation, to discuss how you would like to develop your own practice and explore potential resources to support you. If my approach seems like a good fit, you may choose to book additional appointments.

Some of the themes I tend to weave through Mindful Conversations are:

  • ‘Befriending’ emotional energies to help transform old patterns.
  • Releasing unhelpful stories and finding a creative response to challenges.
  • Regulating the nervous system by increasing embodiment.
  • Using our imaginative (‘right-brain’) capacities to support wellbeing and resilience.

My standard rate is £20 per appointment – but I operate on a donations basis, if you need to pay less. Each session is a minimum of 40 minutes, sometimes a little longer depending on what emerges in our conversation. You can pay for one session at a time, and go at your own pace.

I feel like I know myself better now, look after myself more and I am much happier with who I am.”

Before contacting me, please ensure you have read the ‘IMPORTANT INFO’ below to check suitability. To arrange a One-off Conversation, please email me.


I work with adults only (18+) who are based in the UK. My coaching sessions are suitable for those experiencing stress, but are not intended to support acute mental health conditions or severe emotional distress.

If you have been diagnosed with (or suspect you suffer from) clinical depression, an anxiety disorder or a mental health condition, you can ask your GP about suitable support services or referral to a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course (MBCT) – these are usually run by therapists, and are different from the type of sessions I offer. If you are in the Stockport area, you may be able to self-refer via Stockport Healthy Minds

If you are looking for a group mindfulness course, you could take a look at those run by Breathworks (who I trained with).

“Thank you Sheila, you created a warm and safe environment, and your depth of experience and understanding has inspired me to take mindfulness practices forward as an integral part of my future”

“I have discovered techniques that have really worked for me… to find a greater sense of calm and inner belief and self confidence”

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