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“The most powerful thing from sessions with Sheila has got to be my positive mindset changes”

My coaching programmes are for people who are ready to connect with themselves more deeply, and embrace an active process of change. (Please also see the Important Info about suitability at the bottom of this page, or visit the About page).

Coaching sessions are 1-to-1 conversations in which we can come together to explore and reflect on our own experiences of the growth journey. To provide some focus, I offer some ideas around a theme (as laid out in the programme outline). I also make space for you to share your own response to those ideas. These conversations are a co-creative process, from which you can take away a customised ‘next step’ in your development.

Please note that I only take bookings for programmes from people who have attended a session with me before. For those who have not worked with me previously, you can follow the Mini-Programme as an introduction.



Steps To Growth

Steps To Freedom

Steps To Embodiment

Practice Review (one-off session)

The sessions take place using Zoom or Skype. You can click the links above to read the session descriptions for each programme, or find out more about coaching below.

The programmes are based on ideas, practices and tools that I’ve shared with hundreds of people over the years (both in groups and individually), to help them live more mindfully. In my experience, our challenges can often be seen as initiations, into a new cycle of growth. An integral part of that journey is learning to support yourself through difficult times, and opening to the positive in life: my programmes offer practical ways to discover how to do this. To get a sense of the benefits, you can find client quotes throughout the website.

“I have discovered techniques that have really worked for me… to find a greater sense of calm and inner belief and self confidence”

FAQs About How The Sessions Work:

What happens in a session?

Coaching is a guided conversation that supports you in finding the next step in your own growth process. In each session, I share the key content for the theme we are exploring, and I create space for us to reflect together on how the material applies to your own life.  It’s a space where you can come up with your own ideas to experiment with at home, or receive suggestions from me if helpful. At the end of each session, we create your personalised next steps to take away, including a home practice plan. We don’t do meditation in the session, but we can discuss your experiences if you practice meditation at home.

Why is 1-to-1 coaching helpful?

Coaching provides personalised support that is responsive to your individual needs. It can be hard to find this kind of space in everyday life, to discover your next steps towards growth, without your own instinct being drowned out by other influences. As a coach I can not only provide you with tools for positive change, but also facilitate as you investigate your own particular way of being in the world – and find new possibilities, especially if you’re feeling fed up of hitting the same old stumbling blocks.  It’s also a private environment, where you can reflect on your own experience in confidence.

Cost and duration

My usual rate is £20 for each 45-minute session (but I am currently operating on a donations basis, if you need to pay less). I will send payment info when you contact me to enquire or book. You don’t have to book for all the sessions in a programme at once – see more about this below.

Practical details

I currently only work with people who are based in the UK. We can use Skype or Zoom for our sessions. You can choose if we use video, or just audio so it’s like a phone call. I offer evening and weekend slots, so you can fit it around other commitments.

How do I book?

Before contacting me, please ensure you have read the ‘IMPORTANT INFO‘ at the bottom of this page to check suitability. To make a booking, please email me stating which programme or session option you are interested in, and whether you have attended a session with me before – the programme descriptions explain any prior experience that is required. To book a session, or ask any questions, see how to email me at the contact page.

Do I have to commit to lots of sessions?

I will only book you in for one session to begin with. At the end of that session, we can discuss whether your next step is to continue with one of my coaching programmes.

You can ‘pay-as-you-go’ for all sessions in a programme, and choose how often you want to schedule them. Usually, one to two weeks between sessions works well, but you could choose to spread them out further.

How can I get a taste of your approach?

If you want to get more of a sense of me and the approach I share, you can explore the resources on this site: blogs, tips and meditations. You might also like to check out the Mini-Programme, a collection of tools for mindful living, structured into a self-study process you can follow over 3 weeks.

“Thank you Sheila, you created a warm and safe environment, and your depth of experience and understanding has inspired me to take mindfulness practices forward as an integral part of my future”


These sessions are helpful for stress, but are not intended to support those currently experiencing a debilitating mental health condition, or severe emotional distress. They are also for adults only (18yrs+). You can read a bit more about suitability at the About page. If you are unsure if my sessions are suitable for you, I’m happy to arrange a short chat via Zoom or Skype – to arrange one, please get in touch via the contact page.

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