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Coaching Programmes

Following on from one or more One-off Sessions, I offer several coaching programmes for additional development.

Each session within a programme includes a theme on which I can share ideas for us to discuss within the session, and that you can use to inform your own practice between sessions. I can also guide some meditation in our time together (but only if you want to!)

The three programmes I offer are outlined below. You can find general information about my Coaching Sessions here.

New Possibilities

A 1-to-1 coaching programme for using self-kindness and ‘befriending’ practices to transform old patterns.

Session themes:

1. ‘Support Your Self’ – imaginative self-kindess as a positive resource.

2. ‘Choosing The Positive’ – changing perspective.

3. ‘Compassionate Awareness’ – getting to know your limiting patterns.

4. ‘Preparing for Change’ – understanding what is really keeping you stuck.

5. ‘The Power of Willingness‘ – moving towards new possibilities.

6. ‘Stepping Into Courage’ – building emotional confidence.

The tools covered in the ‘New Possibilities’ programme are especially well suited to journalling exercises, but you can also engage with them through reflection, discussion, meditation or creative writing.

Empowering Stories

A one-to-one coaching programme for finding a creative response to triggers.

Session Themes:

1. ‘Unhelpful Stories‘ – recognising the beliefs that shape us.

2. ‘Who Do I Need To Be?‘ – challenging unhelpful stories.

3. ‘What’s Happening Now?‘ – a tool for mindful awareness.

4. ‘What Do I Need?’ – a self-supportive foundation.

5. ‘Choosing a New Story’ – moving forward.

Elements of the ‘Empowering Stories’ programme have inspired a few of my own poems – you can read them on the Mindfulness Poems page (You Are Not Who You Think You Are’ and ‘Inside Out’) and ‘Blurred’ on my creative writing site.

Being Embodied

A one-to-one coaching progrmme for regulating the nervous system and deepening embodiment.

Session themes:

1.’Finding Wholeness’ – inhabiting the Being Mode.

2. ‘Feeding Helpful Stories’ – befriending the storytelling mind.

3. ‘Power Practices’ – embodied self-kindness.

4. ‘Feeling Supported’ – regulating the nervous system with grounding experiences.

5. ‘Opening to Flow’ – relating to strong emotions as a flow of energy.

6. ‘Protective Practice’ – finding moments of joy to support resilience.

If you are interested in the content of any of these programmes, we can discuss this within a One-off Session.

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