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Steps To Embodiment

Deepen your mindfulness practice

This programme is for those who have an established mindfulness practice.  You may get greater benefit from these sessions if you complete the Steps To Freedom programme first.

The session themes focus on developing body awareness, to help you to move into the ’embodiment’ aspect of practice:  over time, this can enable a greater sense of ease and peacefulness.  The sessions take place 1-to-1 online (Skype or Zoom).  For costs and practical details, see the main Coaching page.

About the ‘STEPS TO EMBODIMENT’ programme

I’ve taught mindfulness to hundreds of people, and these sessions contain the aspects that have proved most useful in supporting people to develop their own ’embodied’ practice.

What I call Creative Mindfulness is an important aspect of this development. I use this term to describe how we can use the imagination to create a bridge between a cognitive (mind-based) way of being in the world, and a somatic (body-based) way of inhabiting life – a balance of both of these can enhance wellbeing.

I don’t lead meditations during these sessions, but focus on giving you the information and resources to customise your own practice at home. In addition, I can give you suggestions for home practice between sessions. You don’t have to book all 6 sessions at once, so you can take it at your own pace.

We begin with an Opening Session to help you set your personal intentions for the programme. Then we explore the following themes:

Session Themes

1. ‘Being Embodied’ – To help let go of limiting ideas of what meditation ‘should’ be, we explore inhabiting the Being mode, in your own way.

2. ‘Creative Mindfulness’ – Valuing the creative power of the mind, as a tool for working with thoughts.

3. ‘Embodied Self-Kindness‘ – Developing your own ‘power practices’, for greater access to the benefits of self-kindness.

4. ‘Surrendering To Flow’ – Learning to relate to difficulty as a flow of energy moving through the body.

5. ‘Staying With The Body’ – Using body awareness to free ourselves from getting stuck in the stress cycle.

6. ‘Pendulate To The Positive’ – How experiences of joy, delight and pleasure can help to protect us from stress and enrich our lives.

It can be helpful to have a Review Session a few weeks after you finish the programme, to consolidate your learning.

For further information about coaching sessions including suitability, cost and how to book – visit the main Coaching Programme page.

For a little about why embodiment is an important aspect of Mindful Living, check out the Mini-Programme

To learn about why the imagination is important in embodied practice, you can read ‘Creative Mindfulness

What people say about working with me:

“I am more aware of my feelings and thoughts and am responding to issues in my life differently.”

“Thank you Sheila, you created a warm and safe environment, and your depth of experience and understanding has inspired me to take mindfulness practices forward as an integral part of my future”

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