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Practice Review

This is a one-off session for those who have attended sessions with me regularly in the past. It can help you to identify your next steps to keep developing in your practice. I usually define ‘practice’ to mean informal mindfulness, aswell as any meditation that you’re doing regularly. 

Practice Review session is a guided conversation that creates space for you to reflect on your own practice: challenges, what’s going well and ideas to keep developing – or any other aspect of your practice that you’d find it helpful to explore. You can create your own focus for the session, eg a teaching you’ve received from me in the past that you would like to re-visit, or I can guide you with questions if you don’t have a particular focus in mind.

I can guide some meditation within the session if you would like, but this is optional. I can also give suggestions where helpful, or answer questions.

Practice reviews are commonplace within some meditation traditions, as it can be useful to reflect with someone else on what is happening in our personal practice. Although we’re not looking to get anything ‘right’, we can experience valuable growth from this process.

The session takes place by Skype or Zoom and is about 45 minutes long.  I offer these reviews on a ‘pay-what-you-want’ basis (my usual rate is £20 per session).

Please email me to book or enquire. You can find out more about how 1-to-1 sessions work at the main Coaching page.

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