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Steps To Freedom

FOR GENERAL INFORMATION about my coaching programmes, including costs and suitability, please also see the main Coaching page. Sessions are 1-to-1 via Zoom or Skype.

The ‘Steps To Freedom’ programme offers a framework for the process of de-conditioning yourself: learning to recognise the habitual responses to stress that were once protective, but which you have begun to outgrow. The themes focus on developing greater self-kindness and emotional confidence.

This programme is suitable for anyone who has attended a session with me before. You may get greater benefit from this programme if you complete the Steps To Growth programme first.

The programme includes journaling exercises that you can do to develop mindful awareness, if meditation isn’t quite your thing.

Session themes:

1. ‘Support Your Self’ – Building self-kindness as a positive resource, for greater resilience.

2. ‘Choosing The Positive’ – how to use positive resources and the Approach Mode when you encounter challenging situations.

3. ‘Compassionate Awareness’ – Introducing the ‘Just Noticing’ mindfulness tool, which builds a clearer picture of your limiting patterns.

4. ‘Preparing For Change’ – Laying a foundation for letting go of habits that you would like to change, by understanding what is really keeping you stuck.

5. The Power Of Willingness’ – Moving towards new possibilities.

6. ‘Stepping Into Courage’ – Building the emotional confidence for long-term growth.

It can be helpful to have a Review Session a few weeks after you finish the programme, to consolidate your learning.

I feel like I know myself better now, look after myself more and I am much happier with who I am.”

“These materials are really helpful and encouraging. They are really going to help me with my practice over the next months”

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