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Taster Resources

If you are interested in my approach to Imaginative Mindfulness, you can start with the information on the Home page, and then explore a little further with the collection of resources on this page.

Please be aware that I only accept new clients for programmes where I feel that my approach would be a good match for your needs. If you have not worked with me before, please take a look at these resources, to give you a sense of my approach (and make sure that you read the Important Information about suitability on the Coaching page). You could then book in for a Reflection Session, during which we could discuss your response to the material and possible next steps. Where I don’t feel that my programmes would be the best fit, I am usually able to suggest some alternative options for learning mindfulness.

Before booking a Reflection Session, I would recommend that you spend a week or so exploring these resources as follows:

Pick one resource each day from the list below (a meditation, video, poem or blog post) – whichever one you feel drawn to, and you might want to repeat the same one on some days.

After you have finished listening or reading, take a few moments to reflect on your response, and make a few notes if you like. Perhaps something resonated with your own experience, or maybe questions or new ideas came up. The purpose of this process is so that you can bring something to the session to reflect on – but there’s nothing you have to get ‘right’. If you’re not a big fan of writing things down, perhaps just keep a note of which resources you used.


For a taste of imaginative practice, you might like to try Support Your Self (6 mins), Imagining Compassion (7 mins), or Supported by the Earth (20 mins).

Find them on the Meditations page – please read the guidance note on the meditations page before you use these.


This pair of videos explore imaginative ways to reconnect with the natural world and with the flow of life:

Opening to Life part 1: Reconnecting (10 mins)

Opening to Life part 2: Receiving (13 mins)


Some short poems about being human are on my Mindfulness Poems page.

Blog posts:

Creative practice as an anchor

Supported by the Earth

Surrendering to Flow

Allowing Energy to Transform

Reading for wellbeing

Mindful Journaling for More Awareness

5 Ways to Meditate Outdoors

The music of spaciousness

Meditation as Listening

5 Mindful Living practices (meditation not required)

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